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You know. Generation of psychic kids, yellow-eyed demon rounds you up, celebrity death match ensues. You’re the sole survivor.

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Person is like the mom, the communicator, trying to anticipate
[Colbert's] needs, keeping spirits up with his cheerful banter.
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becoming a demon seems like a good career option

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❝ You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. ❞

C. S. Lewis (via lyssahumana)


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Because it’s the second of May today:):):)


Because it’s the second of May today:):):)

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❝ We stopped checking under the bed for monsters when we realized
they were inside of us. ❞

Tablo [Epik High] 
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Supernatural + art series
5.22 Swan Song vs. William Blake’s “Satan in His Original Glory” (1805)

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